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Music for the End of Century: Works by Santiago Vera-Rivera

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1 - Silogístika I (1989) : 8`25
for transverse flute and acoustic guitar
Duo Mendieta-Orlandini

2 - Preámbulo y Antiprosa(1992): 8`17
for voice and piano
Katalyn Karakay (soprano) / Ana María Cvitanic (piano)
(Text by Rabrindanath Tagore)

3 - Silogístika II (1991) : 9`13
for voice, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Ensemble Bartók

4 - Arkana II (1995) : 5`18
for a quartet of recorders
Quartet de Bec Frullato

5 - Apocalíptika II (1988) : 9´03
for string orchestra and piano
Norwegian Chamber Orchestr: Per Skoglund (piano)/Jürg Wyttenbach (Conductor)

6 - Conmutaciones (1992) : 7`32
for recorders and piano
Víctor Rondón (flauta)/Octavio hasbún (flauta)/ Ana María Cvinatic (piano)

7 - Arkana I (1995) : 9`52
for cello and piano
Duo Escobar-Cabello


Alfredo Mendieta
Luis Orlandini
Katalyn Karakay
Ana María Cvitanic
Ensemble Bartók
Quartet de Bec Frullato (Barcelona)
Norwegian Chamber Orchestra
(Jürg Wyttenbach, Conductor)
Per Skoglund
Víctor Rondón
Octavio Hasbún
Héctor Escobar
Ximena Cabello

Original title: Música para el Fin de Siglo: Obras de Santiago Vera-Rivera
Total Time:
Year: 1997 (DDD)

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