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Eduardo Cáceres: Blue and Others Ports - Contemporary Musics

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Orion and the 4 Riders (2000) to tenor saxophone and percussion
1.  First        2:04
2.  Second  1:56
3.  Third       3:32
4.  Fourth     4:02
Miguel Villafruela, saxophone
Rodrigo Kanamori, percussion  

Ceremonials Songs to Apprentice of Machi (2004) to female choir
5. Xecayawun Mawida Mew                         2:07
6. Maciluwvn Pewma                                     2:54
7. Rakiduwammaken Tañi Wvnen Pu Ce    2:31
Choir of the Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
Boris Alvarado, director   

8. Fantasiica Araucanica (1984) to piano   4:19
Maria Paz Santibáñez, piano   

9. Cha cha cha (2001) to violoncello and percussion    7:49
Angela Acuña, violoncello
Rodrigo Kanamori, percussion 

The Questions (1985) to symphony orchestra and baritone
10.  What are you laughing watermelon when they are killing  1:44
11. In the desert of salt, how can flourish                                   3:06
12. The earth sings like a cricket between celestial music      1:35
13. And where space ends, is called death or infinite   2:46
14. If all rivers are sweet where the sea gets the salt               2:29
Patricio Sabate, baritone
Symphony Orchestra of Chile
David del Pino Klinge, director  
Texts: Pablo Neruda

15. Trok kyo (2005) to 6 tom tom, drum and grant caccia    7:44
Ensemble Trok kyo: Ricardo Herrera, Pedro Marambio, Marco Dominguez, Ruben Zuñiga, Gibson Reyes, Jorge Reyes, Eduardo Cáceres, director  

Suite Pewenche (1995) to violino, violoncello, clarinet, piano, percussion and voice
16. Pewenche                  2:22
17. Mapuche fvtramapu  3:31
 18. Tami                            2:05
19. Feyta                           2:41
20. Akintue                        2:42
Ensemble Bartok
Eduardo Cáceres, director
Texts: Elicura Chihuailaf  

Microsuite to keys and wind (2006) to alto saxophone, vibraphone and marimba
21. Danceable    
22. Dancer           1:00
23. Dance             3:12
24. Big Dance      4:15
Miguel Villafruela, saxophone
Marcelo Stuardo,  percussion 


Angela Acuña, violoncello
Boris Alvarado, director
Coro de la Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
David del Pino Klinge, director   
Eduardo Cáceres, director 
Ensemble Bartok
Gibson Reyes, percussion
Jorge Reyes, percussion
Marcelo Stuardo,  percussion
Marco Dominguez, percussion
María Paz Santibáñez, piano   
Miguel Villafruela, saxophone 
Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile
Patricio Sabate, Baritone
Pedro Marambio, percussion
Ricardo Herrera, percussion
Rodrigo Kanamori, percussion  
Ruben Zúñiga, percussion 

Original Title: Azul y Otros Puertos - Músicas Contemporáneas (2010-3010)
Total Time: 76:31
Year: 2010

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