Edgardo Cantón: Waves of a same sea (2 CDs)

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for Symphony orchestra, chamber, electroacoustic and movie

Disc A - Instrumental music

A1. Music waiting for her image
(1999) 9:29
Symphony Orchestra of Chile, conducted by Irwin Hoffman

A2. The big ocean
 (2004) 5:54
Symphony Orchestra of Chile, conducted by David del Pino

A3. Al-Mumit
 (2008) 19:34
Symphony Orchestra of Chile, conducted by Michal Nesterowicz, 'Tierra de Larry' Group (Rolando Cori, acoustic guitar; Mario Mora, electric guitar) e choir of Universidad Central, conducted by Rosana Osses
Texto: Omar Ali Shah

A4. Imaginary Atacama
(2010) 13:24
Symphony Band of the Universidad de Chile, conducted by Eduardo Browne

A5. Letters of the poet that sleeps in a chair
 (1997) 7:32
Fernanda Ortega, piano; Claudia Anais, trumpet; Eugenio Cáceres, horn; Cristián Mezzano, trombone; Claudia Godoy, mezzo soprano; Gerardo Wistuba, baritono, conducted by Antonio Carvallo

A6. Duality for one
(1983) 5:40
Pablo Mahave-Veglia, cello

A7. Music of movie "El Rey de San Gregorio"
(2006) 4:37
Orchestra conducted by Aliocha Solovera

Disc B - Electroacoustic music

B1. Lovecraft
(1995) 5:56

B2. Saint Michel in night highway
(1995) 7:55

B3. Memory from Los Andes
 (1998) 10:44

B4. The Dreams of Attar
(2003) 10:36

B5. Your forbidden zones
(2011) 7:01
Miguel Villafruela, sax

B6. Al-Mumit
(2008) 19:36





InterpretersAliocha Solovera, conductor
Antonio Carvallo, conductor
Claudio Anais, trumpet
Claudia Godoy, mezzo soprano
Choir of the Universidad Central
Cristián Mezzano, trombone
David del Pino, conductor
Eduardo Browne, conductor
Eugenio Cáceres, horn
Fernanda Ortega, piano
Gerardo Wistuba, baritono
Irwin Hoffman, conductor
Mario Mora, electric guitar
Michal Nesterowicz, conductor
Miguel Villafruela, sax
Pablo Mahave-Veglia, cello
Rolando Cori, acoustic guitar
Rosana Osses, conductor

Symphony Band of the Universidad de Chile
Symphony Orchestra of Chile
'Tierra de Larry' Group



Original title: Edgardo Cantón: Olas de un mismo mar
Total time
Year: 2013
Edition: Edgardo Cantón (FONDART)
Distribution: SVR Producciones

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