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Rafael Díaz: 7 Calls

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1. Ngillatuwe (2005): 10:55
“A place to pray” in mapuche language or mapudungun. To String Orchestra.
String Orchestra of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV); Pablo Alvarado, Director.

2. Kyrie Mwono (1996-2006): 4:24
Work related to the culture of Kaweskar people (ethnicity of Tierra del Fuego). To 24 female voices choir.
Women Chamber Choir of the PUCV; Boris Alvarado, Director.

3. María Siafkias Kastapoyok (2006): 3:30
“María, the wind pulls my hair”. Related to Kaweskar culture. To five female voices.
Paula Elgueta, soprano; Pamela Flores, soprano; Nicole Oliver, mezzo-soprano; Melisa Arriagada, mezzo-soprano; Loreto Pizarro, contralto.

4. South of the Empampado Riquelme (2005): 5:43
On february 1st, 1956, Julio left Chillán toward Iquique. Just his suitcase arrived. The mistery did not disappear completely when he was found in the pampa in 1999. What happened to him?
This work is a sound ilusion. To flute quartet and sound base. Ensemble Antara.

5. Lafkenmapu (2008): 6:25
“Water land”, in mapudungun. Mix of the christian musical culture and Mapuche religious music. To guitar quartet.
Guitar Quartet of the PUC.

6. Pewenmapu (2008): 10:21
“Pewen's land”, in mapuche language. The Pewenche ethnicity is a branch of the Mapuche etnhicity. To flute sextet, sound base, female voices and Pinkulve (mapuche instrument).
Ensemble Antara.

7. Seven calls from the Black Lullaby Song by Rolando Alarcón (2009):13:47
Work based in the song by Alarcón (singer and composer of the Sixties). To piano.
Patricia Castro, Piano.

8. The wood was your home (2006): 4:29
Epigraph by Chilean poet Jorge Teiller: "Did you forgot that the wood was your home?" The song of the birds of the valdivian forest is invocaded. To recorder quartet.
Compañía de Céfiro.

9. Mirages of Ayquina (2007): 8:57
Ayquina is a village located in the Atacama altiplano. The composer seeks to represent musically these mirages. To string orchestra, recorder quartet and piano.
String Orchestra of the PUCV. Recorder Quartet: Compañía de Céfiro. Pablo Morales, Piano. Pablo Alvarado, Director.

String Orchestra of the PUCV; Pablo Alvarado, director
Women Chamber Choir PUCV; Boris Alvarado, director
Paula Elgueta, soprano
Pamela Flores, soprano
Nicole Oliver, mezzo-soprano
Melisa Arriagada, mezzo-soprano
Loreto Pizarro, contralto
Ensemble Antara
PUC Guitar Quartet
Patricia Castro, piano
Compañía de Céfiro
Pablo Morales, piano

Original title: Rafael Díaz: 7 Llamadas
Total time: 68:38
Year: 2009 (DDD)


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