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SVR Producciones

Santiago Vera-Rivera

Chile, in the south of the world, is a long, narrow country with a brief history of concert music, which began at the dawn of the Republic and, since the nineteenth century, has produced generations of composers and performers of the quality of Isidora Zegers, Federico Guzmán, José Zapiola, Ramón Vinay, Claudio Arrau, Enrique Soro, Alfonso Leng, Pedro Humberto Allende, Víctor Tevah, Domingo Santa Cruz, Acario Cotapos, René Amengual, among others. The works of these masters have generated a musical movement in the twentieth century, which changed the history of classical music in the country -- which in mid-twentieth century found itself strengthened by the remarkable contribution of composers such as Juan Amenábar, Juan Lemman, Fernando García, Luis Advis, Jorge Urrutia Blondel, Carlos Botto, Carlos Riesco. They, together with the parents of Chilean music, are the foundations of the current generation of composers and interpreters.

The label SVR Producciones was born in August 1987 with the objective of promoting, stimulating, spreading and editing phonographically Chilean and Latin American classical music, and today is the best resource to know it in depth. Its creator, the Chilean composer Santiago Vera-Rivera, has continued with his ongoing desire to make known the art of music that remains in the shadows. He strongly believes that his task is a real contribution towards a true "musical democracy". Currently, he is aided in this work by his wife María Angélica Bustamante. Both make, day by day, SVR Producciones.


Today, SVR has a catalog of about one hundred discs, which brings together the work of more than 200 composers - around 150 of them, Chilean - and 300 interpreters, drawing a panorama of classical music in Chile since the mid-19th century to the present days.


In 2004, SVR Producciones was honored by the Chilean Council of Music, national committee of the International Music Council of UNESCO, with the Prize in recognition for "the production and dissemination of Chilean Concert Music".

In 2006, SVR Producciones was awarded by the Chilean Circle of Art Critics "for their permanent work of disseminating the works of composers and performers of concert music".

Another recognition came in 2009, when SVR Producciones won the Prize of the Presidency of the Republic of Chile in the category Phonographic Production.

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