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La Viuda de Apablaza, by Germán Luco Cruchaga

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La Viuda de Apablaza (The Widow of Apablaza)
Drama in three acts by Germán Luco Cruchaga

La Viuda de Apablaza is the synthesis of Luco's own experience at the Quitratué farm in the heart of the Araucanía region. It was on this historic frontier, in the rural world, that the autor, an alert observer of country customs and student of their language, discovered the characters of this drama. From that world, he drew out all the wealth of its tragedy. It is therefore a telluric work, well-attached to the roots, and yet the same time it is a universal work beacuse of the depth of the conflict: a mature woman, the Widow of Apablaza, becomes obsessed with not losing her step-son, Ñico.

Elsa Poblete: Viuda de Apablaza
Gabriela Aguilera: Celinda
Ivonne Loyola: Florita
Coca Rudolphy: Doña Meche
Roberto Farías: Ñico
Francisco Ossa: Remigio
Hugo Medina: Don Jeldres
Claudia Urrutia: Juanita

Ramón Núñez, director of Teatro de la Universidad Católica (TEUC)

The DVD includes a bilingual booklet (Spanish/English) of 20 pages, with the following:
- Article "La Viuda de Apablaza: Loss of existence on the frontier of loneliness", by
Paula Vera-Bustamante (Ph. D. in Literature by USP)
Biography of Germán Luco Cruchaga
- Biography of Ramón Núñez
- Information above the TEUC

Year: 1999/2009
Total time: 1:34:27
Filmed in the Teatro de la Universidad Católica, Santiago

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